This is my first venture into the website world for MAXTherapy in its own right.  As many of you know, I have been involved with Sydney Bodywork Massage Centre for almost 5 years now in Sydney and have been working around various locations before settling on taking up residence at Fernleigh on 'Level 3'.

As I have been treating here, both I and my clients have noticed how this space is far different from what I have in the CBD clinic as well as the style of treatments.  As I work more from this space I am more reminded of the work that I used to do when I first began in the massage industry. 

The balance between mind and body having time out and really allowing that 'parasympathetic state' to do it's work is paramount to really taking the time out to effect not only physical, but mental clarity and inner health.  The effects of Parasympathetic State on the internal organs and functions such as digestion and immune regeneration is well documented and it is this type of work that I am trying to achieve more of in this space.

So I hope you enjoy the different style of what I do in this incarnation and appreciate the space for the intimate treasure that it is.

Look forward to seeing you here soon.


AuthorPeter Furness