What To Expect from a Treatment


MAX Remedial is concerned with getting you back to 100%.  Whether that be as an advanced athlete or just being able to stand without pain, we set targets and are there to provide relief.   Our aim is to help you achieve your goals, pain free and leave feeling great.


Every treatment starts with a solid assessment of your condition, your ailments, your concerns and what is your complaint.  We will listen.  Then we determine from acute testing and postural investigation what we believe to be the contributory factors.  Bio-mechanics are investigated and a knowledge and understanding of movement patterns and contributing factors is investigated.  At the end of this assessment you will be informed of what we believe to be the issue and how we as a team, may address and investigate your concerns.

On the Table

Every therapist has their own unique and special skill set.  We believe in pulling on all our team's experience, sharing information and discussing options for the best way to address what you need to receive the best care.  Any treatment protocol will be discussed with the client and options are explored together, with full explanation of how the issue is to be approached.  We will then draw on our skills with each therapist utilising their particular knowledge and ability to provide accurate timelines and manage expectation of treatment timeframes.


Any therapist will invite you to participate in offering feedback and discussion on how the treatment has progressed your recovery.  We are determined to provide full care from initial pain reduction, through to improving the cause of the condition and on to stability exercises and stretches with rehabilitative exercise programs and ongoing education about what you need to do to stay at the top of your game.

Follow Up

We will follow up with information and documentation to ensure you have the support and assistance to keep you progressing beyond the treatment table.  We will check in to make sure you feel supported and in control of your health, educating you beyond the clinic and you will have access to our online educational Case Studies, Videos and Tutorials.

I’ve seen many body therapists of all kinds over the years, across 3 states. I sincerely say that you are the best one I’ve ever seen. I always get great results when I see you and the results are immediate.
— Melanie Shearer