Peter Furness - Director and Therapist


Peter Furness has been involved with training the body and maximising health for over 22 years.  With 13 years professional experience as a qualified Remedial Therapist, Peter has worked all over the world with professional athletes, dancers, sporting organisations and medical professionals in a variety of positions.

With a prominent background as a contemporary dancer in Australia and the UK, Peter has trained his body to the highest level in his field and always had an interest in injury prevention, treatment and ensuring the body is able to achieve what you ask of it.  

A healthy interest in sport led Peter to his award winning dance career and in the past 10 years, he has returned to recreational sports, playing competitively and internationally as well as accessing varying training modalities and health genres.  From Tennis and Volleyball to CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, Peter has enjoyed and taken part in many forms of physical activity and worked solidly to understand the techniques involved and the best way to reduce and prevent injury as well as promote efficient sports practice.

With history as an assistant physiotherapist and working closely with Doctors, Chiropractors, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Osteopaths, Peter has developed a healthy understanding of the various modalities involved with the body and maintaining ideal skeletal and structural alignment.  He can identify bio-mechanical influences from sports and activities as well as employing rehabilitative practices to redress imbalances and promote a more efficient body for future action.

Peter has a healthy interest in Eastern philosophy when it comes to health and works closely with Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners, approaching the body from the principles of ancient medicine.  Peter has practiced Asstanga Yoga for 20 years and combines these principles with his approach to health, looking at the body from a systemic perspective.

Peter has been effectively treating all manner of people and conditions across a broad range of complaints and symptoms, getting results and helping clients back to being 110% over the last 8 years since returning from London.  He was Co-Director/Owner and Senior Therapist at Sydney Bodywork in the CBD from 2012, taking the clinic into a new premises and managing the clinic.  In 2015 Peter opened MAX Remedial in the CBD, and in 2017 moved into his current premises continuing on with that strong reputation. 



Hi Peter,

I must thank you for the treatments on my calf in the latter part of this year and advice for a faster recovery. Your knowledge and passion in your field really shows and you helped me significantly. Its always enjoyable and more often than not quite painful (haha) coming for treatments….but I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!
— Deborah Ferguson
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