Rehabilitation Programs

Soft Tissue release is a primary method of our practice but it is only part of the parcel of complete recovery.  Full recovery only comes through retraining old habits and identifying muscular weaknesses and where necessary, poor biomechanics.  

Activation of muscles that may be dormant are the all important aspect of getting full function and correct function back into a joint space or movement.  

Stability is key, you cannot have a weak platform to work with from the beginning and hope to achieve good function or ability to perform a particular movement or pattern.  

Sequencing of muscular contraction is also paramount to good biomechanics that ensures any one particular muscle is not being asked to undertake a load for which it was not intended.  

Strengthening a muscle to be able to perform in co-ordination with the other muscles involved in an action is vital to ensuring good form and proper technique.  

Once this is present, you then need to 'train' this whole complex process to become ingrained in the system, so that it occurs without conscious stimulation and you are able to leap, run or push without concentrating on every phase of a movement.  

Finally, the aim is to make the whole structure stronger than it was before an injury occured.  Ensuring that the injury does not repeat itself.  Aiming for 110% recovery means you minimes risk of the injury re-occuring.

At MAX Remedial, we offer onsite and offsite remedial programming, ensuring good technique is adhered and to identify movement patterns that need attention and 'training' to ensure the body is performing with optimum efficiency.  We can address biomechanical issues and assist with developing exercise regimes that are complimentary to what you already do, or help you to do 'it' better.  Coming from a movement and yogic background Max Remedial offers a slightly different perspective and 'training' to offer you a way to working out a little differently.

Range of Movement - Stability - Sequencing - Strength