Remedial Massage


As the name suggests operates on identifying issues that are presenting in the body and causing pain or discomfort.  Remedial techniques employ specific assessment of the symptom (pain) and identifying any postural or movement patterns that may be contributing to this pain.  This is not always straight forward as some issues are caused by problems further 'down the chain' of the body.  Thus an issue with an ankle can effect hip function and spinal alignment, even neck function.  This technique looks at the removal of obstructions that are reducing Range of Motion (ROM) and getting the body to operate as freely as possible

Athletes and those who use their bodies in a highly physical capacity know all about recovery and muscle soreness.  This massage addresses particularly the recover phase of the muscular system after it has endured intense physical activity.  Regular sports massages are prescribed for those who train according to a weekly schedule and need to recover efficiently and quickly in order to get 'back on the field / bike / court / pitch' the next day.  This technique is specifically geared to being preventative, identifying potential problems before they become an issue and addressing any structural and muscular shortcomings.

A Remedial Massage will involve any number of techniques ranging from Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Cross Fibre, Deep Tissue, Active Release Therapy and Fascial Release.


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