Tina Camilleri – Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Herbalist

Tina Camilleri is an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist with a strong background in Eastern philosophy, bodywork, herbal medicine and food therapy. She completed her undergraduate studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (both acupuncture and herbs), and has gone on to do further Chinese medicine studies in the areas of women’s health, pediatrics, Oriental nutrition, Five Element psychology and digestive health.

Tina draws on Chinese medicine’s holistic approach to wellness that aims to treat the root cause of imbalances, not just the symptoms. Her treatments combine acupuncture and/or herbal medicine with practical, holistic advice on how to eat in harmony with the seasons, and how to live a healthier, more well-balanced life. Initial treatments with Tina involve a full assessment of current medical history and exploration of other influences that may be contributing to issues and conditions. Patients will also receive pulse and tongue diagnosis, then learn how to understand their constitution and places where they may have gone out of balance. As part of a treatment Tina may suggest simple, nourishing recipes to increase immunity and help digestion, as well as gentle exercises and breathing techniques.

Tina is a passionate believer in Chinese medicine, and she works closely with her patients to create a treatment program that works best for them. Her particular areas of interest are chronic health conditions, pain management (particularly TMJ Syndrome and teeth grinding), emotional wellbeing (for adults and children), anxiety, dietary therapy, healthy ageing, reproductive health, digestion and stress-relief. She is also experienced in treating depression, insomnia, IBS, fatty liver, sinus problems, allergies, menopausal symptoms, period pain, weight problems, physical-mental-emotional "burn-out", and a range of inflammatory disorders. 

Tina’s interest in Chinese medicine and natural therapies stems far beyond her formal TCM training. As a teenager she travelled to Asia to learn about Eastern philosophies on healingand art, before returning to Australia to study Buddhism, Daoism, gender studies, art history and film making at university. She then completed an MA in Creative Writing focusing on the transformational power of personal language before embarking on further travel through Asia, Turkey and Eastern Europe where she learnt about herbal medicine, seasonal living, women’s health, and traditional food therapies along the way. During this time Tina also gained experience in Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy (which she went on to teach at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies), organic gardening and sustainability of food systems.

These additional studies and experiences bring a wealth of knowledge, perception and depth to Tina’s treatments, and add to her appreciation of the uniqueness of the healing process. 

*Tina’s main practice, Elements of the Earth, is in the Blue Mountains, where she grows her own food, flowers and herbs, and teaches the occasional workshop. 


Tina is available on Wednesdays from 9am - 6pm.


- Tina, You’re a magician! I woke up Thurs and the sore throat had completely gone! Amazing.

- Thanks so much for the always mind-&-body-consciousness-expanding experience that is treatment with you; I so adore our sessions.

- Tina, guess what?!! My period STARTED ON THE WAY HOME right after your wonderful period treatment. Nothing placebo about that after 3 months of waiting.

– Thank you for yesterday. I can actually move my leg now and I have no pain at all. I walked out of the Grace Hotel with some deep heaviness like you said I might but then overnight it has all gone and my knee is not even puffy any more. I am definitely booking another session when I am back in Sydney. Thank you so much.

- Thank you Tina - I really look forward to your treatments. They are filled with so much wonder and inspiration of so many kinds. I floated home on a cloud of all we discussed, minus my usual headache, feeling positive and ready to start my new health program.
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