DAY 51
End of the first week of return performances to Tokyo.  Loving the return to private space.  No more sharing.  No needing to be considerate of others space.  Return to doing yoga first thing in the morning and lighting incense.  Back to eating the way I want, to being solo and being quiet on my own.  Being the fitness person I want to be.  Return to Harajuku Gym and to walks along the parade and to being me!  Also a return to being a Swan 8 times a week and pushing the body to it’s limit.  Yesterday was a 2 show day with the end of the week.  Felt harsh to get through but get through it I did and feel good I did.  Last night was also a return to old habits.  Bottles of wine with cheeses and bread and fruit and chocolate and a few well chosen guests.  The post show release technique of really letting the hair down and taking your time with indulgences.  Ended up with a small group of interesting people.  No-one too extreme and no-one too full on.  A small group of people taking it easy and talking and enjoying conversation.  SO LOVELY! So enjoyed it and felt that everything was so casual and so easy to enjoy.  Hearing others take the conversations in different directions and sharing stories with lots of laughing!  I really miss having those sorts of evenings and the richness that they bring to your life.  Too much solitude is not good and not healthy for the soul and spirit.  It is fine to indulge in it every now and then, but ultimately one needs the companionship and reflection on thoughts that others provide and the chance to evaluate your own opinions in comparison to the rest of those around you!  

The funniest part of the evening came when evening was no longer present.  As the sun rose around us and some of us refused to believe that we had spent the entire night talking and drinking red and massaging each other on the bed.  OK it’s a completely hippy thing to do but it was actually a most beautiful sharing!  When you are on tour and there is so little comfort in familiarity and affection that you normally assume from other sources, then it is hardly surprising to find yourself getting affection and support from those around you. It was a really lovely night!

Having my friend here from Oz has been loads of fun!  Tammy is here for 10 days and she has been wonderful.  Just letting me have my space and making no demands on my time or my relaxation and rest which is just oh so necessary on this tour.  She is going off and doing tours and activities during the day and I am at work without having to worry that she is getting along OK or being bored.  And then we catch up in the evenings and have chats and cups of tea and share the tales of what we have discovered about Tokyo.  It is fun really.  Nice to have someone to share the journey with whom is also doing completely different things!  We seem to go well together because we are both so independent to ourselves but then share the same enjoyments of wine and cheese, conversation and different experiences.  It is great having an easy buddy here.  

And to top off the Japanese experience.  I have survived my first real earthquake.  Heheheh, what a blast.  The earth really did move.  Apparently it was a 6.5 and the epicentre was not too far from here.  CHIBA, CHIBU?  Not sure exactly.  But the feeling of strange noises as windows moved and creaked, and having never experienced it before I thought I was suffering from too much red wine, but then upon standing I could feel the building doing small concentric circles for a good 30 secs or so!  It was a most bizarre feeling.  Really not much shifted and there was no falling of pictures off walls and jumping into doorframes as the buildings here are designed to absorb earth tremors and their foundations move accordingly so as to minimise the amount of shaking during a tremor.  So really it was kind of a non event.  But being on the 23rd floor when it happened was pretty freaky!  Makes you realise how fragile everything can be!



AuthorPeter Furness