DAY 37
OK so this is the part of touring which I don’t like and which is really very unglamorous and very dull.  Have been in Nagoya for the past 4 days and all I have seen of it is the inside of a very dull, small and BEIGE hotel room which has one very small window that looks out at another beige concrete wall which is about 3 meters away.  I have been lying in here with a fever for the past 4 days and it is all very dull.  It is to be understood when you are in such a large company and doing so many shows and so forth that you are bound to pick something up.  Only prob is that when one person gets something, it floats around the company again and again and again, as we share so much communal time together, and no amount of Vit B and Echinacea is going to be able to combat that.  Tried to do my performance in Otsu but it was not going to happen.  I basically got knocked flat the day we were supposed to travel to Nagoya and have not yet recovered.  I did get the special treatment though and got rushed to Nagoya on the Bullet train though so that was one good thing if you can find the good thing in being ill. The Shinkansen looks like something out of Star Wars as this long white thing with curves and headlights and all comes towards you at the train station, looking very much like the snowtroopers helmets from Empire Strikes Back.  The distance from Otsu to Nagoya was 236kms and we did it half an hour!  HALF AN HOUR, it was incredible.  Unfortunately I really didn’t get the chance to appreciated it as I was pretty much out of it by the time we wound up the engines and were hurtling along.  It is a very smooth ride and very very comfortable, as seems to be the way with all things Japanese.  Everything spic and span and all catered towards making everything as comfortable as possible for you.  AND it is all an honour!  Amazing.

But for now there is not much more to describe.  Apart from going out to try and get some food once the cleaners do come in and make up the room, I have been sitting in the motel room, watching movies, watching tele, listening to music, over and over and over again.  It is all getting a little repetitive and I am hoping that this will be the last day of my confinement and that I will be able to actually get out and be free of the beigeness of all things thus far.  We shall see.  I have had a most fabulous nurse taking care of me though. (Mitchell your title could be challenged) My room-mate has even sat up at 2am when I am in the throes of delirium giving me pills (which I refuse until I am desperate for some relief) and putting cold flannels on my head.  I am so very lucky and he has been so very tolerant!  So I will leave the sick diaries for now and hope that the next time I write I will have something a little more exciting to report!


AuthorPeter Furness