Day 87
Hence there was a bit of a release session on Sunday evening.  Those nights that you never plan and never really intend to finish at 7.30 the next morning are always the best.  There was nothing special about it, but when you take over a bar and the bar staff are  basically staying open just to accommodate you (and seem happy to do so) you just take advantage of the hospitality.  We ended up at a cocktail bar and the funky staff were doing all these tricks for us and just letting us go nuts.  It wasn’t a huge drink fest but a lovely casual gathering of different folks.  It is funny how you can be on tour for 3 months with a group of people and only towards the end do you get the opportunity to go out and share some time together!  We sang, danced, salsa-ed, limbo-ed – and I think there are even some photos of us all doing the Macarena!!!!! OK so maybe there were a few drinks involved!!!!  It was pretty funny to see our lead Spaniard cowering on the couch as the familiar strains of the macarena came on.   Apparently it is a source of National Embarrassment in La Spagna!  We even had a dance-off, of who could do the most tragic video hits impersonation.  I think our aussie physio won that one!!!!  Hehhehehehe.  But the night was so much fun and ended with us alll on the roof of the hotel watching the sunrise and lots and lots of laughter.  As we prepared for bed we realised that if we stayed up another half hour, we could catch breakfast at the hotel!  Can you imagine serving a group of dancers who had been out the entire night beforehand and were still jolly!!!!!  I felt for the staff!  

So that pretty much catches you up on everything.  The end is nigh and whilst it has been wonderful, an education, a grand experience, an absolute blast, I am so looking forward to being in my own space for a little bit.  Just to touch base and take stock of what this life is.  I return to London on May 30th and will have about 3 months of unemployment before the next supposed contract.  Don’t know what I will do, but the first week will be very quiet and just getting used to being in London again and doing necessary jobs; tax evaluations, bank transactions, setting up new dance contacts, reacquainting myself with Monmouth Coffee!  Then it will be trying to figure out what I will do for 3 months!  Ah normal life.   But then normal will be so exciting and not very normal after an experience like this one!


AuthorPeter Furness