Day 62
Last night was a continuation of all things grand in Kobe.  We  headed out for some food as is normal.  Intended on getting Indian at a certain place which of course  ended up being closed!  So we searched in need of something similarly spicy!  Mexican turned up and it was a tiny little restaurant with space for about 18 people.  Looked really authentic and so we ventured in with no expectations.  How surprising it was and utterly wonderful wonderful.  The food was REALLY good and so tasty if not large and overbloated with corn chips.  Then we tasted quiet possibly the most delicious Sangria I have yet had.  Not that I have sampled much.  But it was delightful.  Seeing as all the girls agreed that it was so wonderful I had no reservations ordering a bottle.  This trend seemed to continue throughout the meal, and was a grand source of enjoyment.  Then, in the middle of it all, the waiters stepped out from the bar and picked up guitars, bongos and wind flutes and began to serenade the entire restaurant in Spanish.  It was delightful.  Truly beautiful.  It was amazing to think that earlier this very keen Japanese waiter was eagerly running to serve our drinks and ensure everything was just right, and then he was there being beautifully engaging with this flute and creating the most beautiful music!  It was utterly sublime.  Some of our party departed and those of us remaining were contemplating whether we would continue in the current frame.  After all we did have shows tomorrow.  But with the endless run of shows, and the seeming slog of everything, I out of character that we should have another bottle. This time though, it was White Sangria.  They had no more red left so we thought, what the hell.   Having had the food and onto post meal events, the wine was perfect.  It was kind of like a dessert wine without the really heavy sugar.  It was just perfect way to end the evening.  And the conversation was flowing so well, just another one of those touring experiences that you have got to clock up to chance.  

And now I sit in the hotel about to go to Korea.  Tomorrow we fly and it has been such a wonderful experience to have been in this country for the past 2-3 months.  I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to peer in on this culture and its people and perform for them, feel their generosity and also get to know how they live.  I am looking forward to seeing how different Korea will be.  I have been led to believe that is not quite as accommodating as Japan, so I am ready for something different.  But then that is the whole point of travelling really isn’t it!  So I shall be sending this off and be looking forward to writing from another place, another culture, and another motel room.  The day is sunny and the hills are calling for one last climb.  Adieu.


AuthorPeter Furness