Day 15

So now we approach the end of our 2nd week and the body is feeling the effects of shows. Thankfully the body is beginning to feel like a dancers’ bod again and BIG SWANS is not as scary as it seems!  My PT and I have finally found a gym that doesn’t cost the earth and we have been doing some sessions together.  We are going to a Gold’s Gym which is the hard core bodybuilders gym, so we are feeling sufficiently hard-core ourselves! It’s great to have someone to train with and push you that little bit extra when it is easy enough to rest on your laurels and sit in the motel room.  But for now my time grows short.  I am sitting at Shibuya’s main crossroads (I won’t tell you that it is a Starbuck’s nor try to justify it with the feeble excuse that it is the only placed open before 9am on a Sunday) with my cup of tea (detox still going strong) and watching all the people crossing patiently and respectfully, with a communal order and regard for their fellow pedestriansl... it is still such a lovely aspect of the Japanese.  But I must away for the last 2 shows of the week and then 2.5 hrs of massaging whingey dancers... yes they are all friendly to me when they are sore!  heheheh.  Yes the usual gripeyness of dancers on tour rears its ugly head.  I know you can’t get on with absolutly everybody in the world, but keep it cordial please.  It is easy sometimes to feel alienated... but if I choose to sit in a Martha Stewart esque tea room sipping on Earl Grey instead of going to Starbucks then I bloody well shall.  

AuthorPeter Furness