Naturopathy is both an art and a science.

Naturopathy is a preventative methodology that utilises both scientific and traditional evidence to bring about health to a body.  Naturopaths tend to diagnose imbalance and ill health in the body when symptoms are not at such a point where they warrant pharmalogical or synthetic intervention.

There are six main principles that underline the naturopathic practice:

1.     Healing power of natural products

2.     Do no harm

3.     Search and treat the cause, not the symptom

4.     Treat the whole person

5.     Education

6.     Prevention.

In the study of Naturopathy, professionals draw on herbal and nutritional medicine, homeopathy, dietary advice, and alternative therapies that influence lifestyle and life choices which influence health.

There is a wide scope of practice that covers naturopaths and can involve massage practice techniques, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, iridology and so forth.  It takes into account any form of analysis that the body can provide and look at ways of preventing imbalance in the body or ill health.

At the core of a naturopathic process is the abundance of healing properties in nature.  Rather than relying on synthetic drugs and prescriptions, Naturopathy is concerned with utilising balance in the system via careful consideration of the qualities of products that exists all around us.  There is an abundance of relief available for those suffering from acute or chronic conditions in the natural world by harnessing the combination of holistic and natural remedies that possess the right scientific combinations of complimentary elements that can combat disease. 

Consultations will take into account not only your age and physical conditions, but your lifestyle, diet, ingestion of products not only by mouth but by the body and skin, exercise and activity, and a that all encompassing factors that you are involved with in your daily life.  Investigating these qualities leads to a better understanding of what elements most influence your constitution and ultimately your health.

There will often be physical assessment and may even be combined with kinesiology and traditional medicine diagnostics. 

These sessions will last up to 60minutes in the initial consultation and then subside to 30minute consultations for follow up visits.

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