Return to Swaning!
But for now everything is back into rehearsal mode.  Been back for 2 weeks now and the body has hurt and creaked its way through the first week and this past week has been fine, excepting the feet which are taking the pounding of getting used to dancing barefoot all the time again!  Ah soft Swans.  The house I am living in has been grand for being so close to the city and being a welcome respite at the end of the day!  Long days at work are taking some getting used to, especially the ones that don’t finish until 9pm.  We are rehearsing at some obscure location (production company didn’t book early enough to organise somewhere cheaper and central) so the commute is taking some getting used to but it is all going well.  Being Dance Captain is proving fab, more work than what I anticipated but a great challenge to rise to.  Makes me very busy throughout the entire day, but the thrill of learning everything is kind of cool!  At least you feel fulfilled at the end of a working day!  My Sundays are so valuable and relished with selfish ownership.  Today has been a day at Colchester with my favourite beautiful couple Ben and Nix, along with communal friends and housemate Anne and Andrew!   Sitting in the backyard in the sunshine (yes sunshine can you believe it) and getting given food and tea at regular intervals, enjoying music and inspiring tales of theatrical triumphs and achievements.  Indulgent and gorgeous as always.  

On tour in 2 weeks and looking forward to seeing some more of England and Britain.  Well, Glasgow!  I am sure I will have more tales of interesting tour stories and first performances.  It will be different this time around but also exciting too, even though I have done it before!  Happy to be where I am, enjoying the life and energy, loving my work and its challenge and feeling fortunate all the time!  Life is good.  Hope yours is as well and that you are fit fabulous and having fun.  


AuthorPeter Furness