Well here I sit in my new home.  My new place of abode for the next 12 months (with a 6 month get out clause).  Am sitting in the kitchen where it is the coolest place of the house.  The window catches the Westerly breeze and funnels it into the room.  Funnily enough London is feeling the heat at the momnent.  31 degrees!  Oh my god and they are calling it a heat wave.  But as with all big metropolitan cities, London makes you feel the heat and it always feels hotter than what it actually is.  Did someone say pollution?  I found this house as it is next door to the one that I was staying in with my lovely friends Anne and Andrew.  Its a 2 bed flat above a chemist.  Its on a main road which is noisy but the flat is cute with little spaces to hide away in, a decent kitchen, and the biggest bedroom I have had since moving to London!  The lounge is all Lavender colour and it feels really nice and light and peaceful.  Heheheh colour therapy or what!   I am excited about it.  I want this to be my little sanctuary and hopefully it will be. 

So more new beginnings.  To work to work.  Well that seems easier said than done.  To say I have been struggling to find work is an understatement.  I have been picky for a while which is probably why I wasn't getting anything, but lately it has been a case of going for jobs and just simply not getting them.  Obviously there is something else out there waiting for me.  I just wish it would hurry up.  In the meantime it seems I am back to doing the old hospitality thing until I can get myself up and running!  I have to have a source of income that will be solid and at least allow me to pay the bills!  So I am about to start with one of two options.  A gastropub down the street run by two Sydney guys that is a source of many food writers delights and a killer wine list.  The other is a functions/restaurant at the Vinopolis Centre in London Bridge.  Have done a shift there already and it's OK.  (Not as fab as Botanic Miss Jane!!!!)  The former is surely something that I would prefer.  Just wish that I didn't have to go back to hospitality.  It is nowhere as well paid as in Australia and the English can really excel at being incredibly rude to service people. 

So that is pretty much where it all is at present!  Being back in London is great but the new starts means a bit of hard work is in order to get things up and running!  Hopefully this will come together and I will out and about doing it all in foggy buy hol old london town.

AuthorPeter Furness