Tales from The Manor

I just love weekend trips away!  It has a feeling of escapism and relaxation as soon as you sit down on the train!  You have no worries once you have battled through the public transport system of London with your baggage and found an amicable seat.  The best way to do it is to get a midday trip on a Friday as most of the cranky Londoners are at work and you seem free to breeze through train stations, unhindered and find a nice window seat with a table on an uncrowded carriage.  There is also something wonderful about traveling by train.  There is such a lovely feeling of immediacy and directness about it that is lost in airports and in cars.  I admit that back home, taking the train usually meant you were settled in for a good 6hrs journey.  But here a mere 2 hrs can see you in the centre of Paris.  You can't do that timing on a flight!!!!  You just jump on a carriage, sit and watch the world skim by and see houses and fields and football parks; and they are closer to see than if you are in the air!  It's so; old world I suppose!  

It is a perfect London day for travel.  It is grey and rainy and not a day for really being outside in the weather.  Such as it was that my morning was spent at Monmouth (you should all know by now what that is), followed by a quick trip to the gym for my exercises (penance for having a weekend of luxury) and then a quick trip to the train station from whence I am speeding towards Bristol and the south west of England. I will be spending a weekend of reading, literary discussion, vinicultural appreciation (like I need more education in that), musical education and quite possibly some walking in the woods!  CAN"T WAIT!  All in a fabulous manor estate set in the country!  It should be quite the experience.  And the fact that it is cold and wet doesn't detract for me whatsoever, as it will be a large house with many rooms to explore and if it were sunny and fine, I would probably just want to be out playing tennis.  

The English countryside is so very quaint!  You do pass over old bridges with narrow roads and very green fields with wild geese in collection on the banks of incredibly full rivers.  There is even a deer on the sides of the track!!!!  It has that whole cottage and quiet appeal to it.  So unlike London!  The grand thing is that very quickly you seem to be out of it!  It doesn't take long to have the thickness of London behind you and be looking out at greenery and natural loveliness.


AuthorPeter Furness