Eliza Markert

Naturopath/Bowen Therapist/Kinesiology Neuro Emotional Technique


Eliza has been treating people in the greater Sydney area for over 15 years.  She has been an established practitioner in Naturopathy and Kinesiology as well as a Bowen therapist working in Newtown and the Sydney CBD, working with clients across a broad range of health ailments and concerns.  Eliza works from a gentle and holistic approach to medicine, addressing issues not just from a symptomatic point of view but also from a complimentary therapies perspective, bringing together her depth of knowledge from a Bachelor of Science, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Western Medicine, Certificate IV in Bowen Technique and Diplomas in Nutrition and Remedial Massage.  

Eliza's personal connection with chronic and recurring pain on a systemic level drew her to address conditions from an approach that delved beyond the purely symptomatic.  Her prime objective is to address gentle and effective treatment protocols using herbal medicines and natural ingredients to effect relief of symptoms and conditions that are causing illness and pain.  Every body is different and every individual needs an independent approach to adjust treatments and therapies that are going to address a specific purpose that is unique to an individual.  

Eliza brings about her depth of study to each individual consultation and will utilise all her complimentary practices to bring about a program that is complete and effective for ailments, conditions, pain and illness.  Returning to full health is the objective of Eliza's treatments and she aims to have complete recovery as the result of her protocols.

Eliza joins the Max Remedial team in May on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Health Fund Accredited



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