The Occupational Massage Mentorship Initiative (T.O.M.M.I)

At Max Remedial our goal is to have the best and most professional therapists on hand to provide a premium service for our clients.  We are a results based clinic, aiming to get people pain free, change their condition and have them back to doing the things they love.  Ensuring the highest quality of therapists is a priority for such an undertaking.

There is also no replacement for experience.  An experienced therapist has dealt with issues and conditions before and can identify quickly and accurately when something is simple, or perhaps more complex.  There is no way to fast track this development and experience of understanding for it takes time and 'hours on the table' to harness this knowledge.

So, in an effort to satisfy both sides of the equation, Max Remedial is launching TOMMI, to bring graduating students into the clinic environment and get them exposed to this knowledge.  This involves specifically understanding concepts of assessment, kinesthetic movement and how it relates to bodily function as well as an overall appreciation for the complexity of the body's systems as it relates to good health.

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TOMMI will see freshly graduating students being part of the clinic environment as well as taking part in specific workshops that aim to condense some of the learning that comes with years of experience and get them confident in analysis, understanding and the breadth of massage treatment on the human system and its condition.  

As The course component includes:

  1. specific instruction of remedial techniques and clinical approaches
  2. bio-mechanics and how movement influences particular joints and function.
  3. particular focus on assessment of injury/conditions and the importance of analysis and posture
  4. in depth analysis of the major joint spaces and conditions relating to their use in an acute/chronic pain scenario
  5. identifying broader conditions including auto-immune diseases, organ and endocrine systems and how they relate to pain
  6. The broader application of health and disease as they relate to massage, particularly in relation assessment of pain patterns

TOMMI candidates will be freshly qualified therapists who have completed, or are in the final stages of completing their Diploma Level of Remedial Massage.  These candidates are hand selected and brought into the clinic environment with specific individual instruction and exposure to the clinical application of the Diploma.  Effectively an apprenticeship where they will observe, partake, learn and identify those elements that make the difference between theoretical and practical application of remedial massage therapy.  

As a bonus, TOMMI candidates need to have the chance to implement these skills, so they will be available for treatments at a reduced rate of $90 for 60mins.  As with our Under 30's Policy, this is designed to give people a chance to experience the skills and availability of remedial massage.  Availability will be determined by the attendance of the candidate in clinic and these will be advised seperately.  Simply select TOMMI on the treatment options on our online calendar.  The first of our candidates will be in clinic shortly.   

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