Seitei Therapy

Seitai is a traditional Japanese treatments that come to be a modality of massage about 100 years ago.

The origin of SEITAI is Chinese medicine of more than 2000 years history and when it was introduced in Japan, SEITAI was integrated with the philosophy of Japanese martial art in which they believe "if you are able to deactivate and attack enemy's body, you know how to heal and protect the body as well".

Seitai has been also influenced and developed with the Western treatments such as Osteopathy and Chiropractic so the treatment style varies depending on the practitioners.


Our therapist Masaru Tada, learnt SEITAI from a Karate master in Tokyo in 2000-2002, whose understanding of biomechanics comes from the movement of Karate.

The SEITAI treatment techniques include those such as acupressure, joint mobilisation and stretching, without using massage oil.  In this way it is very similar to the Japanese 'Shiatsu' Massage.  

Simlarly, Seitai is normally performed on a futon mattress however it can also be practised on the massage table combining with Remedial techniques.