Gee has a passion for achieving and assisting people to achieve their goals and provide functional and rehabilitation exercises for sports conditioning.  He thrives on seeing clients overcome challenges and reach their goals.  As a strong believer in Functional Training , Guillaume believes in educating his clients about bio-mechanics and how to use their body.  A firm believer in both physical and mental strengthening, Guillaume looks to make a positive impact on lives via his sessions.

Guillaume has a varied sports history, playing professional Basketball in France for 2 years, before working in Ski Resorts and training camps around the world, as well as being a Water Sports Instructor and Supervisor in Europe, USA and Australia.  His journey into personal training came about as a continuation of this early involvement with sports and sports based activities and his desire to see people improve their health and better their lifestyle.

Guillaume is a certified Rehabiliation Trainer, interested in FUNCTIONAL TRAINING.  Aimed at correct biomechanics and ensuring that muscles work together in groups in a cohesive fashion to promote good technique when involved in sports actions, developing stability and core strength before moving onto individual movements and resistance based training.  Gee also believes in bettering form and technique to compliment your individual needs.   Working from the base up to achieve full stability and strength is all important before moving onto heavy resistance.  Gee also believes exercise should be fun and that knowledge is power.

Guillaume has been working as a PT in Sydney for the past three years and is also a Specialist  and Senior Ski Boot Fitter in the CBD.  He is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Fitness (Exercise Therapist) and is looking to continue his education into rehabilitation and exercise programing.  Guillaume's dedication to complete customer satisafaction and personal dedication to ensuring results is a valuable service to the team at Sydney Bodywork.