David Morgan-Smith - Diploma Remedial Massage

David Morgan-Smith joins Max Remedial as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist. After graduating from Nature Care College in 2014, David has worked in the CBD alongside some of Sydney’s renowned sports massage clinics & physiotherapy practices.

With a personal background in competitive sports & bodybuilding, David applies his knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to assessments in structural balance and treatments to deliver results and specific regimes.

David’s combination of deep tissue and stretching techniques along with exercise prescription, allows him to deliver a tailored approach, working to individual requirements and particulars with the aim to deliver optimal results.

David first came to massage after a highly athletic development through high school.  Having experienced first hand the type of impact therapists had on his body during his days of rugby, basketball and athletics, he was drawn to a therapeutic bent in terms of bodywork.  

“I was searching for a career that would have me contributing in a meaningful way to improve the quality of life of those around me”.

He also found an understanding of the body was paramount whilst he was training for his first Bodybuilding competition in the INBA in 2013.  His interest in using the body and understanding it led him to a remedial focus in body maintenance and how to maximise health and balance whilst being competitive with his training.  He remains involved with this focus today and hopes to continue on with these goals of once again competing in the near future.

David is currently studying a Cert III & IV in Personal Training through Australian College and believes that the combination of Remedial Therapy with specific activation of the body is the best way to maintain a healthy body unit. 

"For some people there is a different ratio of strength and movement versus release and keeping this in mind for each individual is paramount."

David has connections with running groups such as CAN TOO in Sydney and is also currently negotiating arrangements with the Australian OZ TAG team to be an onsite therapist, working with the athletes to ensure health and maintenance.

David believes in a combined approach to health and rehabilitation, taking not just massage but other modalities and therapists into consideration.

“Massage Health services different people and gest different results whilst finding what works for the client is what is most important – all therapists look at the same thing from different angles and even if it is not your modality – helping the client to find the solution is always the primary goal”

David enjoys working with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds, with a focus on:
- Athletes from various sporting disciplines.
- Office workers suffering with pain from long working hours.
- Postnatal parents, who are in pain from the physical demands of caring for young children.


Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays

Health Fund Accredited - (Teachers Health/HCF/Medibank Private not available)

HICAPS registered

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