Bowen Technique

This technique is a very specific and gentle type of treatment that was founded in the 1950’s by Thomas Bowen, a self taught practitioner who experimented with particular movements performed on the body to assist with ailments and conditions of patients.  Far reaching and effective relief came about from the application of the ‘Bowen Move’ (a small cross fibre movement across the soft tissue of the body) in small repetitions and at particular points of the body.

This culminated in the 1970’s in Hamilton Victoria , with his colleagues Oswald Rench and Rene Horwood documenting the work of ‘Tom’ and creating documentation and formalising the “Bowen Technique”.  The Bowen Therapy Academy was formed in 1987 and BOWTECH became the established practice and recognised form of the original training. 

The principle behind the technique is to perform very specific and particular cross fibre movements at certain points of the body to work with fluid flow and maximise the intrinsic network of the immune and lymph systems to help assist with minimising pain, inflammation and soft tissue injuries. 

The technique can be performed through clothing and is not technically ‘massage’ but a non intrusive and gentle form of muscle and soft tissue release that is minimalist in approach and has long term benefits and focus.  Treatments usually require a client to lie on the bed but due to the non invasive modality, it is particularly appropriate for people who have chronic pain issues, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia etc, as pressure is minimised and the body is activated towards its natural healing state.

Sessions occur over 30-45min and will usually require 2-3 visits within 5-10 days of each other to get maximum benefits.  Treatments can vary but symptoms can be quite powerfully changed and the client needs to be aware that far reaching effects can leave the client feeling powerful effects post treatment.

BOWTECH is the registered form of Bowen Therapy in it’s pure form and is the recognised technique taught from the Bowen Academy of Australia.


Bowtech is available with our therapist - Eliza Ball